Friday, September 16, 2011

Mount Vernon and Manassas Battlefield!

Hey everyone, it's my turn to post today. Keith, Tabatha, and Katie are out riding while Ruby and I do some re-packing and I do homework. Today we are in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Either today or tomorrow we will be going to Richmond. Can't believe our trip is nearly half over!

Yesterday we stopped at Mount Vernon, the plantation estate of George Washington himself. The mansion was beautiful, we never realized how showy George Washington was. Every room in the house was painted a deep, rich blue or green. Paint was extremely expensive in the 18th century, so to have every room in the house painted an exquisite emerald green or royal blue was definitely a way of showing how wealthy and successful you were and that you wanted the best for your family and guests.

On the estate we also visited the tomb of George and Martha and the other buildings on the grounds. It is a very beautiful place with forests and fields and orchards. I think George Washington could be called the nation's first conservationist.

After Mount Vernon, we made a stop yesterday afternoon at the Manassas National Battlefield Park. Two of the civil war's most important battles were fought on these hills. It was very cool. The park itself is huge, imagine trying to win a war on the up-and-down, brush-filled hills, mountains, fields, and forests of Virginia. The young and old men of America attempted just this and hundred of lives were wasted on fighting each other.

Yesterday was a history-filled day that we wall enjoyed very much. Take a look at the pictures!