Monday, September 5, 2011

Kracko is BACKO!

I don't know if a lot of you heard, but Kracko went missing for a little while the other day! A lot of you were worried and now I'm here to tell the story!

Our story begins with us heading to historic downtown Boston.We had a fabulous time on Saturday, enjoying all the historical sites. We rode the subway for the first time into Boston which was cool. Even Kracko joined us for the ride!

I was personally excited because Revolutionary History is a personal favorite of mine. (Yes, I know I'm a nerd sometimes) We were headed to the shopping district when we discovered Kracko had disappeared, right under our noses! We searched frantically for him, asking passersby if they had seen a short, red fellow...Nobody had seen him. We went back to the car with heavy hearts...Why had Kracko left us? We tossed theories back and forth...Had he made a break for the Harbor? Gotten homesick for Maine? Met a cute chick and run off with her? We were baffled.

We were sitting at Pastors' Sue and Don's house, chatting after a delicious dinner when we heard a knock on the door. Lo and behold, there stood Kracko! Only something wasn't right...His hard shell was no where to be seen and he seemed to be a little fuzzy. Apparently, he decided he wanted to get a new look... a softer, cuddlier look, seeing as not very many people want to eat something soft and cuddly. He told us that while we were distracted visiting Paul Revere's house, he made a jump for it, out of Tabby's purse, and walked to the nearest spa. He reported, after dodging several hungry pedestrians, that he underwent an extensive exfoilation treatment, involving lots of loofahs, brushes, scrubs, lotions and moisturizers. He was very pleased with the end result...and us? Well, we're just happy we have him back... Although we personally miss his old look. What do you think?

Kracko enjoying a Boston Creme Pie Muffin in Boston!