Friday, September 2, 2011

Another day of riding down.

After 3 days of riding, my *backside* is a little sore. Haha, but it has been an amazing few days..
The first day was a little crazy because we are still working out a plan, where to meet up with Taylor and Ruby etc. But day 2 was alot better. we rode about 30 miles yesterday, which isn't a whole lot, but since we are riding up and down mountains, I'm happy with it!

Today started off interesting too, we got up, packed all of the camping gear into the truck and got ready to go, and wouldn't you know the truck wont crank. : ( So we had to wait for someone named "chip" to come jump our truck so that we could cross over into New Hampshire and start riding.

Here's a slide show of our pictures from yesterday, which include pictures on the bike, our Lighthouse Picnic pictures, and pictures from Fort McClary.

FYI, for those of you having problems viewing the slideshows, I believe it's just because Bell Helicopter is blocking it. Not much I can do about that- sorry!