Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's a beautiful day in Maine

Hi everyone! How are you? The Smith family is doing great!

The cyclists are off riding and I'm catching up on some studying. We have had a busy couple of days with lots of unexpected thrown in. For example, just a bit of road trip trivia, there is no public restroom at any store in any of three small towns from Standish, Maine to Biddeford, Maine along the state highway (Ruby and I found this out after three separate stops). We also learned what a "lobster pound" is, and discovered we do not care for whoopie pies.

Yesterday we left Bar Harbor and
Acadia National Park after stopping and playing around the bay (marina maybe? I'm not sure). We were giggling with joy at the live starfish and clams we saw. I think we worried a fisherman because he made sure we knew not to try and eat them (as if we would, really).

Today we are going to York Beach, Maine as our stopping point. This trip has been incredible so far, I cannot wait for each day to begin so we can see something new, beautiful, and exciting! Here are a few pictures from the last two days at Acadia and Bar Harbor, with more to follow soon.