Friday, September 2, 2011

Meet Kracko!

Back when we were in the planning phase of our adventure, we came up with the idea to have a mascot specifically FOR our trip. We tossed around lots of ideas, different themes etc. We thought of things like a Napoleon Dynamite doll, just because we all love that movie and I suggested something completely random because Katie, Taylor and I all met on a message board called Teen Randomness!  By the time the trip came around, we STILL hadn't found one, and decided perhaps we would find one during the trip. Well, we DID find one after we started and now I'd like to introduce you to...


We met Kracko in a gas station in Maine. He was surprisingly friendly for someone who is usually caught for dinner around the area. (I think I've seen at least 20 "Lobster Pounds" since we arrived.) He enjoys swimming, long walks on the beach and most importantly, traveling, which is why he agreed to be our mascot. He gets a little demanding in the mornings...He likes coffee, so we usually stop at a gas station every morning so he can get his caffeine fix and we can get a break from his whining.

 Kracko likes all of us, except maybe Keith. I think Kracko is holding a grudge against him...something having to with with his Aunt and some butter sauce a few years back... However, he's especially fond of Tabatha, seeing as she's the first human he met that didn't want to turn him into dinner. He even has a special spot on her bike!
Well, that's Kracko...Expect to see more pictures of him with us on our great adventure!