Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tent Shopping

Last weekend we went tent shopping since we sold our old tents in the garage sale. I wanted a really cool pop-up tent -You know, One that you just throw and it pops up- But they are only available in Europe. : (
Here's what we ended up with..
Coleman Instant Tent for Mom and Dad. (Almost a pop-up.. but not as cool)
and we got a couple of these smaller Eagle Camp Crystal Canyon tents for Taylor, Ruby and I.
Also, Have you ever heard of Vapur water bottles? They're "Anti-Bottles" They roll up when empty and stand when full. I got me a pink one. :)
Later, -Katie
p.s. (Only 48 days until we leave!!)


  1. yea at least in our tent a person can stand upright and change clothes. :)