Sunday, July 31, 2011

26 Days

That's all we have left until takeoff. So super excited. Like can't-hardly-wait-need-something-productive-to-do excited. The garage is becoming quite empty as we put things into a storage building. And there isn't much left in the house. This is crazy because for so long we kept saying, "We're going on an epic cross-country bike trip next year" and now we say "We're leaving for an epic crazy cross-country bike tour in just over 3 weeks." We are so so ready for this.

We all kind of have slightly different goals for this trip. Because I'm really not doing a lot of riding, I'mplanning on shopping. Lots of shopping. I have sold or donated almost all my clothes so I can shop from Maine to Florida! I'm also doing a research project with my school, the University of North Texas. I'm very excited about this opportunity to get college credit for our trip. As a friend told me, "Only a homeschooler would turn a vacation into a school project!"

Anyway, this is my first but not last blog post. I'll be posting lots of pictures of the amazing sights along the East Coast. Until then, peace out.